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A Lead Bullet and a Piece of Oak

I was preparing some American oak timber when I cut through a piece of metal. Upon closure inspection realised that I’d cut through a solid lead bullet, and there were 2 more lodged into the same board. A friend and I spent the next day trying to identify, date and speculate the story behind it all. The bullet I cut through, fortunately, left intact it’s widest diameter - measuring as a .36 caliber. The second bullet, I managed to expose by splitting the oak whilst still keeping the bullet lodged into the grain. It’s a real moment in time trapped...

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Pat Casten x Heimur

Heimur recently collaborated with Pat Casten for a series of exclusive frames for her exhibition, Acclimatise, held at No Vacancy cafe and gallery.   Acclimatise is a 13-picture series that explores Casten’s photographs taken in Nepal, Cambodia and Victoria from 2014-2017. Here, Pat discusses her work and draws on her cathartic experience in the Himalayan mountains in Nepal. The feeling of empowerment and acceptance of the non permanency nature of life is a recurring theme in the photos.  As their artist statement depicts, “Acclimatisation is, in its own way, Casten’s encapsulation of this process in her own life. Relationships fray. Contexts...

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